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Clinical Placement

PCU College students gain invaluable experience during the practical components of their programs. All students work under the supervision and guidance of licensed practitioners.

The TCM Practitioner, Acupuncture, Tuina/Anmo and Doctor of TCM programs contain several Clinical Placements that range from observation and patient evaluation to supervised practice and proximal supervised practice. Clinical Placements allow students to observe how licensed clinical practitioners interact with, counsel and treat patients. Clinical Placements also provide insight into the day-to-day operations of a TCM clinic and expose students to a wide range of patients with various conditions.

Supervised and proximal supervision Clinical Placements prepare students to become caring and competent health care professionals by applying knowledge and skills that they have acquired throughout their training. Interns will learn to take patient histories, make supervised diagnoses, recommend and formulate herbal prescriptions as well as eventually create, conduct and evaluate the TCM treatment. The practical experience gained during this time will be invaluable as students move on to establish their own practices.

For more information on the Clinical Placements and practicum placements at PCU College, contact an Admissions Representative at the campus.