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PCU Holistic Clinic

Interest in natural health and wellness has sparked an awareness of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture in Canada. For those looking for alternative and holistic health care treatments, PCU College of Holistic Medicine offers economical and practical services at the Holistic Healing Centre in Burnaby.

The Holistic Healing Center specializes in treating acute and chronic pain, gastrointestinal disorders, gynecological conditions, dermatological conditions and addiction problems. The clinic also offers specialized treatment programs for weight loss and stroke rehabilitation. Acupuncture and spa therapy services are available as well. The clinic is also home to one of the largest herbal apothecaries in Canada. The Holistic Healing Centre offers affordable TCM and alternative health treatments to the general public. All consultations, diagnoses and treatments are conducted by licensed TCM practitioners who are able to provide services in both Chinese and English languages.

The centre also serves as a training facility for PCU College interns. Under the supervision of professors and licensed TCM practitioners, our interns assess patients, diagnose conditions and administer treatments. The experience that students get during their Clinical Placements greatly contributes to their success as practitioners.

The PCU College Holistic Healing Centre offers TCM and alternative health services to the general public. New patients are welcome. Call 604.451.9002 to learn about available TCM treatments or to book your appointment at the Professional clinic or Clinical Placement clinics.

PCU College Holistic Healing Center
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Burnaby, BC

Hours of Operation
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