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Tuition & Financial Aid

Students are informed of all fees related to the program of study during the admission process. Program costs may include charges for tuition, registration, learning guides, kits and materials.

Tuition may be paid through loan disbursements received from a student loan or by cash, cheque, VISA, MasterCard or Interac.

Tuition costs for prospective students are subject to change without notice upon approval from the provincial regulating body. All accepted registrations, however, are not subject to tuition increase unless there is a signed contract amendment to revise the program or length of study.

Tuition is due according to the terms of any payment plan negotiated with the PCU College Financial Advisor. All tuition and other fees must be paid in full prior to the academic end date specified on a student's enrollment contract. Financial Administrator is available to assist students with arranging payment plans that ensure full payment by the contract end date.

Students who do not pay fees as agreed upon or do not make satisfactory arrangement to pay tuition and other charges will be suspended or dismissed from the College.


We realize that your education is an investment in your future. We also realize that every student comes from a unique financial background, so our Financial Advisor will help find a financial solution that is right for you.

When it comes to financing your education, there are many options, including:

Provincial Government Student Assistance

Each provincial government has its own financial assistance programs for post-secondary students. Give us a call and we'll help you to get the ball rolling with your personal loan application process.

RBC Royal Credit Line for Students

The Royal Credit Line for Students lets you focus on what's important: your studies. Available to full-time and part-time students who need to finance their studies, it allows you to take charge of your financial needs in a way the fits your lifestyle.

The Royal Credit Line for Students is different from a traditional loan in that it lets you borrow funds as you need them, and pay the interest on only the amount you use, without ever having to reapply. You get all the convenience and benefits with no annual fee.

As a student, you may qualify for one of RBC's best rates - Prime + 1%, which applies when you are at school and a for a 12 month 'grace period' after graduation.

Further information about financial assistance is available from the Financial Advisor at the PCU College campus.

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PCU College of Holistic Medicine's Refund Policy abides by the Private Training Regulation of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) Private Training Act. For more information, click here.