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Fu Zheng Therapy: A Complementary TCM Cancer Treatment


Alternative treatments like Fu Zheng being used in conjuction with Western Medicine

Burnaby, BC - April 27, 2010 - In traditional Chinese medicine, cancer is regarded as a manifestation of an underlying imbalance within the body. In China, cancer is the leading cause of death. This has led the Chinese government to fund investigations into traditional Chinese medicine treatments with less incapacitating side effects from radiation or chemotherapy.

TCM Cancer Treatment

Medical researchers in China found that Fu Zheng therapy (or Fu Zhen therapy) helped to protect the immune system from damage resulting from chemotherapy or radiation. This, in turn, helped to increase cancer survival rates. Fu Zheng therapy also helps to control pain, improve overall quality of life and has, in some cases, stopped the spread of cancer within the body.

Here are some of the key Chinese herbs used in Fu Zheng therapy:

  • Astragalus is noted for its immune-building effects.

  • Atractylodes increases white blood cells.

  • Codonopsis enhances the growth of red blood cells, assists in T-cell formation, and increases the level of antibodies in the blood.

  • Ganoderma strengthens T-cell and macrophage function (both are types of white blood cell).

  • Ginseng may be responsible for killing cancer cells.

  • Ligustrum is used in cases of rapid deterioration of the body.


According to several studies carried out in China, Western cancer therapies prove to be more effective when used in conjunction with Fu Zheng therapy.

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